Tailor made design as per different biomass fuel, including combined grate, chain grate, CFB, etc. Taking combined grate as following example.Various kinds of biomass as fuel including wood chip, bark, sawdust, bagasse, palm waste, rice husk etc.

Combined Grates Boiler refers to two different grates as boiler combustion system. Front one is tilt reciprocating grate, rear one is scale type chain grate. Connecting top to bottom, while in operation, the front one is used as pre-combustion and controls the amount of fuel, the rear one controls combustion speed.Two grates are controlled separately, thus can use fuels with high moisture or hard to burn, and various crushed biomass.This could reduce the risk of fuel collecting. Combined grate could be designed from 35tph to 220tph, steam pressure from 3.82 MPa to 9.8MPa, temperature from 350℃ to 540℃. Now there are more than 20 Combined Grates Boilers in operation in China and South East Asia countries.