Enneng offers biomass conversion device matching with existing gas or oil fired boiler.

Biomass burner feature:

1. Energy saving: Biomass as fuel, the running cost is low. It may save 30-60% running cost.

2. High efficiency: Semi gasification combined combustion, with tangential swirl air distribution and low temperature staged combustion help the combustion rate reach over 95%.

3. Stable and reliable: Micro-positive pressure operation, without problem of fireback and blow-off. The electric safety interlocking is designed as per related regulation.

4. Low-carbon environmental: low emission of smoke, dust, sulphur and nitrogen, which shall meet standard of GB13271-2014.

5. The operation is simple: due to automatic fuel feeding, automatic slag discharge, the operation is simple, work load is low, and one person on duty should be OK.

6.Multiple combustion types: half gasification combined combustion type and multiple gasification combined combustion type can be selected, so the product can be used in wider range.

Cost Comparison of Biomass Wood Chips, Palm Shell and Diesel

Notes: the fuel consumption is calculated theoretically, only for reference, not as the basis of inspection and acceptance. The data acquired by calculation may be different with actual fuel consumption due to difference in usage days, usage load. But the comparison ratio is the same,  the difference can be around 5%.