We have replaced boiler air preheater and economizer for some boilers in China and Indonesia in recent years, which good performance of material for these parts have been adopted. We would like to share with you for the following Chinese good performance of material for your consideration.  

1)Enamel coated air preheater

Low temperature corrosion and ash fouling exists for boiler air preheater, especially if burning coal with high sulfur content. The users have to replace the parts or stop the machine to clean the ash, which takes cost for users. We adopted the enamel coated air preheater, which has the function of anti-corrosion, wear resistance, anti-ash fouling, and long service life.

2)ND steel (09CrCuSb) economizer

09CrCuSb was originally used on petroleum cracking process, to against corrosion caused by Sulfur and Chlorine. Due to its excellent performance, boiler engineers use it as material for economizer in low temperature environment. It is best steel for anti Sulfur and Chlorine low temperature dew point corrosion.