Coal water slurry is one of slurry type fuel being made through the unique production technique by 65-70% coal, 30-34% water and small chemical additives (about 1%).

It is like the petroleum, which can flow, be pumped and pulverized with stable combustion. It is a high efficient and clean fuel which can replace petroleum, gas and coal.

The combustion way of coal water slurry is similar to that of petroleum. It is stirred and pumped to burner after being filtered. It burns fully after being pulverized through the slurry gun in the furnace, and the heat is exchanged with heating surface of the furnace and boiler back-end. The exhaust flue reaches national environmental protection standard after being purified. The ignition point of coal water slurry is more than 450without self-ignition and corrosion. The transportation, storage and usage of coal water slurry are very safe with advantages of high efficiency and energy-saving. Its combustion efficiency is more than 98% and boiler heat efficiency reaches 84% and its consumption is 15-20% less than coal consumption. As per calculated by the fuel heat rate, 2.5 tons coal water slurry can replace 1 ton diesel oil and 2 tons coal water slurry can replace 1000 M3 natural gas. However, the cost of coal water slurry is just one third of diesel oil and one half of natural gas. The ash and sulphur content of coal water slurry are greatly lower than that of steam coal, and the exhausted SO2 and Nitrogen Oxides is lower than that of heavy oil. The coal water slurry boiler doesn’t need coal yard with little slag which needs small occupying area. The coal water slurry is stored in the storage tank and pumped through pipes, and there is no pollution as it does not produce dust and this also shows good environmental protection character.